In Development


Director/Created by: Herbert James Winterstern

Written by: Herbert James Winterstern & Gregory Anderson (Stomp the Yard)

Genre: Comedy / Episodic Television

Format: Single Camera Half-Hour Sitcom

The Godfather meets Back to School in this fresh new comedy when a teenager’s life is turned upside down as he finds that his widowed Jewish father is actually a mob boss who has decided to follow him to college in Los Angeles. What “Entourage” did for the entertainment industry, “Son of a Don” will do for college. In an era that finds American mafia deemed through reality television, “Son of a Don” picks up where Tony Soprano left off.

Available Upon Request: Treatment, DVD including trailer and short film




FRIDAY HARBOR (Feature Film)

Director/Created by: Herbert James Winterstern

Written by: Cooper Karl & Herbert James Winterstern

Genre: Thriller

Inspired by a rare true crime — A young mother survives the horrific attack of having her unborn child stolen from her womb. Years later, she discovers her son is not only alive, but living with a seemingly normal family in the small town of Friday Harbor. She spirals into a terrifying mystery of how this family came to have her son, and what they will do to keep him.

Available Upon Request: Script, Teaser Trailer





RHYTHM & JULIET (Feature Film)

Director: Herbert James Winterstern

Written by: Dallas Jackson & Gregory Anderson (Stomp the Yard)

Genre: Dance/Music

Two rival gangs and sworn enemies, The Kingdom and The Empire battle for turf and territory in V-City while two of its members find forbidden love. Rhythm & Juliet is an action/musical film hybrid that merges the genres of dance, song and fighting movies into one, showcasing the youth cultures of today.

Available Upon Request: Script

TOP SCORER (Feature Film)

Director: Herbert James Winterstern

Written by: Don Truckey

Genre: Family

Adapted from a popular children’s book written by Don Truckey, Top Scorer is a classic coming of age holiday family movie about a small town boy who revolutionizes the game of hockey with the help of Santa Claus.

Available Upon Request: Script, Director’s Brief


Director: Herbert James Winterstern

Written by: Deborah Hildebrand

Genre: Thriller

Under Virginia law, every conviction requires proof of corpus delicti, the Latin term for body of a crime. In the summer of 1979, sixteen-year-old Jamie Hollins had an unforgettable summer as she experienced drugs, sex, rock and roll… It was also the summer that Steve Epperly was arrested, found guilty and sentenced to life in prison for murdering a Radford University co-ed Gina Rena Hall, whose body has never been found. Based on a true story, it was the state’s first and only murder conviction in which there was no body, no eyewitnesses and no confession… or was there?

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